Auto Digital Solutions – Innovative Solutions

As we head into the future, digital technology is leaving its mark on businesses like never before. It’s rapidly changing, so motor dealers need to be prepared for the future. This is where we can help – Customer contact & retention solutions as well as sales lead management. Future Compliant!

Auto Digital Solutions (ADS), is an Australian based company which has a team of (flesh and bone) and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) based staff working for our clients in the areas of Operations Management, Sales & Service Database Marketing as well as Sales Lead Management.

We’re enabling our clients to improve their competitiveness and remain ahead of the pack using our unique digital solutions. In terms of database marketing activities, our core strength is that we can build relevant and accurate information from even the most fragmented databases, so marketing activities can be performed professionally and results transparently measured so our clients can clearly ascertain success levels.

We provide our services for a number of businesses across Australia regardless of size or business accounting software system.

Our expertise is in the areas of database management and marketing services and we provide a one stop solution for multi and single branded businesses meeting all the needs of maintaining a constant corporate image.

Auto Digital Solutions originally started operating in November 2002 under the original business name – Auto Dealer Solutions.