Award winning conversational AI Sales Assistants
are the future of lead management

Conversica’s AI Assistants engage your internet, walk in and phone in leads – better than you can imagine, initiate contact, empathising intelligently to interpret replies, and respond with a tailored response before handing hot leads to your sales team to close the deal.

DOUBLE YOUR SALES from email internet leads compared with conventional approaches.

More and more businesses are realising the power of ‘Digital Disruption’ and through systems like Conversica, are generating increased and better qualified sales opportunities, customer loyalty and financial returns whilst keeping a lid on operational costs.

AI is the most transformational technology in decades, and Conversica has been recognized as the leader in Conversational AI for Business by Gartner, CB Insights, Harvard Business Review, Red Herring, Inc and countless other industry experts. Auto Digital Solutions has proudly been associated with Conversica in Australia since 2010 and has adapted its use to suit our unique operational requirements.

Lack of Sales and Marketing Alignment Results in a Leaky Funnel

Sales – do you want more, highly qualified leads from Marketing?
Marketing – are you tired of Salespeople not following up in a timely manner?
More than two-thirds of Salespeople have admitted that, while their relationship with their Marketing team is good, it could be better.
Tight alignment between Sales and Marketing leads to direct impact to company performance.

AI Assistants Bring Sales and Marketing together

Sales AI Assistants engage with buyers throughout the entire customer journey, from determining interest, to activating unresponsive demand, to winning back former customers. They are specifically trained in skills to generate new interest, engage demand, and able to work 24/7, ensuring businesses are in touch when a buyer is ready. AI Assistants communicate back-and-forth promptly, professionally and persistently, identifying the hot leads and handing them off to your Salespeople to generate more sales opportunities and increase revenue.

Automotive AI Sales Assistants come with 4 skills and 1 (English) Language

ENGAGE NEW Auto Demand

Engage fresh contacts who recently submitted interest in a vehicle online; e.g. for trade-ins, quote requests, questions about a specific model

CULTIVATE Early Showroom Interest

Connect with prospects who signaled potential interest but have not requested contact; e.g. Account based marketing targets, social media followers, consumers of content

ACTIVATE Unresponsive Auto Demand

Second point of contact (after your sales rep attempted outreach) for prospects who previously showed high levels of interest.

POST-EVENT Engagement

Connect with leads as the first point of contact to generate hot leads for your sales team (doing the work they are not fond of) following an event; e.g. New model launches and Sales Events.

Driven by artificial intelligence (AI), Conversica is the only automated software solution that can contact, engage, nurture, qualify and follow-up prospects without the need for human interaction. In some marketing segments Conversica caters for a cradle to grave solution from prospecting to a completed sale.

Conversica’s AI Sales Assistant, nurtures lead opportunities via natural, two-way email exchanges and when a lead is ready to purchase, the software alerts the sales representative/team automatically. Sales teams will love their AI Sales Assistant because they can focus on the leads which are qualified and ready to purchase. This saves hundreds of employee hours per year and does the heavy lifting prospect work often considered the hardest in the sales pipeline. You’ll be able to rest assured that whether it takes one day, several weeks, or even months, your AI Sales Assistant will never abandon a prospect opportunity and is never sick or takes holidays. With a decade of automotive experience using this product, Auto Digital Solutions is your connection for Conversica in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Conversica® AI Assistants have shown in an independant company case study to; double a dealer’s performance in sales from internet based email leads. The case study was overseen by a well known Australian Lead Provider, on dealers in Australia that were made up of various sizes and it reflected very similar results across all locations. There were two different measurement metrics used, one of which was an A & B Bucket comparison. The performance showed a compelling argument in favour of Conversica over other traditional methods of lead follow up, especially when considering the advantages of 24/7 operation and potential for operations expenses reductions.

Conversica® AI Assistants are software as a service solutions and help you automatically follow up engage with prospects and customers via personalized two-way conversations over email and SMS/text and in multiple languages. Conversica’s AI Assistant captures contact information from your database using custom variables and triggers. It then reaches out to these contacts based on specific criteria and using pre-approved messaging. The AI-powered assistant initiates contact, intelligently interprets replies, and crafts personalized responses to engage contacts and drive action. Your Conversica AI Assistant canvasses all the available contacts and does all the grunt work.

The Conversica platform has an evolving data integration with the Autogate Pro CRM system for automotive dealerships, and as such is our recommended CRM which provides 24/7 messaging automation. Through a manual extraction, leads from most other CRM systems can also be fed into Conversica, however, a data feed design plan will need to be scoped, built and executed.

The Conversica AVA.AI™ Conversational AI platform bundles the ability to administer and manage conversations, reporting capabilities, and the ability to import data and integrate with Autogate Pro. Access to the Conversica platform is included with each Sales AI Assistant at no additional charge.

The Conversica AVA.AI™ Conversational AI platform has been designed to ensure a business is not adversely effected during and after installation. In most cases, Conversica will operate in parallel with your current lead management process throughout its operation and you’ll be amazed at how effortlessly it fits into and improves your business.