The ‘fourth’ dimension! Service Department Forecasting

Built for the savvy dealership, our service forecasting program allows service managers to take a pro-active approach to planning their marketing activities, rather than being re-active.

Literally turning Service Department analysis upside down our unique forecasting tool will allow dealers to be proactive in the management of this all important profit centre rather than the traditional (and now antiquated) reactive measures currently in place.

1st Dimension
Data Management

2nd Dimension
Marketing Delivery

3rd Dimension
Retention Analysis

4th Dimension

Taking service operations management to a new level this purpose built Web based software provides a 2 month forecasting window for service customer visits.

Accounting for dynamic and moving service retention and revisit activity, the forecasting tool incorporates variances in new and used vehicle sales retention and the effects of pump in, pump out, lost and new customers.

Know the potential service customer pool coming at you and plan for high or low service customer visits in advance, instead of being reactive often when it is too late!


Forecasting Tool Benefits

The Service Department Forecasting tool will benefit all stakeholders in Service Department Management.

  • Marketing/CRM teams – Identify by site and/or franchise – marketing activity priority. Marketing activity priority will not be the same for all sites and franchises. Structure marketing activity in advance to maximize opportunity.
  • Service Managers – Identify high and low activity times and manage staff levels accordingly. Plan for the busy times and allow for the quiet periods to maximize department profits.
  • General Managers – Empower upper management with a tool to have their finger on the pulse and run the business more profitably.
  • Dealer Principal/CEO – Provides consolidated or individual site analysis for quarterly planning at the click of a mouse. Gives you a realistic expectation of department performance potential.

Analyse service customer revisit activity and measure marketing effectiveness.

The Customer Revisit Reports will graphically represent who is coming back, the frequency of the return visits and how many returns visits over a nominated period. You can drill down to detail and through the geo mapping functionality quickly identify where (geographically) your customers are coming from!

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