Introduction of Services

We specialise in the areas of operations management consultancy, database marketing services and Artificial Intelligence (Ai) based staff resourcing for sales lead management.

Operations Management Consultancy

Meet the needs of your demanding service department customers, using our custom built 21st Century Service Standards Program. We review the performance of your service division to a custom standard of operation and provide the training and support to meet this standard. Contact us to find out more.

Digital Solutions

We provide a number of unique digital solutions to meet the needs of our clients.

– Data processing. It’s where it all begins when it comes to database marketing services. We’ve never failed to deliver in this area. Auto Digital Solutions make sense out of even the most fragmented business databases – it’s our specialty, ensuring a business is ready to professionally go to market and we ensure privacy compliance and database integrity is maintained.

– Campaign Corporate Image. It’s what we know our franchise clients have to achieve. We build mobile platform orientated messages for eDM and SMS, that meet the needs of franchise holders who are required to align with a corporate brand image.

– Campaign Deliverability. It’s something you never quite know is happening. We spend countless hours making sure our clients eDM’s are delivered. We help whitelist your organisation – do you get frustrated at not being able to communicate one on one with your clients/suppliers day to day?

– Campaign Performance Measurement. It’s essential for us to know that our clients see the value we provide them. Where other suppliers of marketing services fear to tread, we live and thrive.

When it comes to the information we provide in our reporting analysis, our clients sometimes comment, that we are not for the faint hearted. A Dealer can be shocked when our ‘Ground Zero’ (before commencement of services) reporting highlights evidence of customer loss. We are motivated to reverse negative trends and replace them with positive results using our customer marketing processes.

Summary of Marketing services include:

  • We show our clients the benefit of winning back customers using a targeted, consistent and politely persistant marketing approach using a pre-planned variety of digital methods.
  • Our programs provide an external, affordable, accountable solution to Database Marketing, which is suitable for businesses looking to start database follow up, or outsource an existing department.
  • Each customer contact is digitally personalised and our process of follow up matches and exceeds the performance and feedback of phone call based approaches.
  • Our communication delivery methods to our clients customers include: Construction of message & artwork, Digital Mono or Colour Print letters, cards, fliers, E-Mail, SMS and Web.
  • Our performance analytics, shows campaign deliverables such as open rates, action rates, clicked links, booking results, replies, survey results and overall customer retention performance.